Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guilty Pleasures: Story of My Life

Okay.  Here's the thing. I think I have great taste in music (who doesn't think that really?).  It's eclectic. Maybe that means I actually have horrible taste in music.  I don't know!

Regardless of musical taste, I was driving home from work a week ago and I flipped on the radio (which I rarely do, mostly because my drive home is 10 minutes maximum) and maybe Story of My Life by One Direction was on the radio.  And maybe I was happy about that. And maybe I kind of sang along.

Then I felt a little embarrassed because I am a 30-year-old woman and, for whatever reason, really enjoying and liking a song by One Direction seems like something that shouldn't be a thing at this point in my life.  Then I said "screw that, this is a great song."

So yeah. Maybe it isn't a GREAT song, but it hit me in just that way that a good song should.  I was genuinely pleased to be listening to it.  The same thing happened to me on the way home today and I'm sure it will continue to happen because I definitely really like Story of My Life.

P.S. I feel inclined to add that I don't really like other One Direction songs. This is why I'm counting this as a guilty pleasure. It's out of the norm, and generally, I probably would keep this song hidden on my iPod and only listen to it when I was alone in my car, but I mean REALLY listen to it. Sing to it like a crazy person and sheepishly turn down the radio when I realize I drive a Hybrid and everyone walking past my car can hear me.

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