Thursday, January 23, 2014

Get a life!

*This post is not meant to invoke any arguments or opinions on current laws, or debates. Simply a story of my life.

My husband said that to me. Right to my face.

Okay, so perhaps I am exaggerating. Maybe just a little.  Alright, that's not at all what he said, but that is how I took it.

Let me give you some quick background.  My husband is a huge gun enthusiast. He loves them. He is fascinated by them.  He has a vast knowledge of gun type and how they work and can name any gun we see in a movie even if it's only shown for the briefest of  moments.  I have to admit I am beginning to be able to as well. Crazy.

Well, he loves guns. They are his hobby. He learns about that, he plans to go shooting, he plans the next gun he wants to buy, and he loves telling me about them.  One night, he said to me "Hun, I feel bad always spending money on guns, you need to come up with a hobby to spend on too!"  This is his way of telling me he wants me to find something that I enjoy as much as he does.  But it took me by surprise.

I felt as though he was telling me to get a life.  And as I sat thinking of what hobby I could focus on, I found that I have many likes, but nothing I have enjoyed enough to call a hobby, per say.

So I sat down, and looked at pinterest (how did we ever get ideas before that lovely, horrible website?!) And I realized, I enjoy looking at ideas for improving my home.  We live in an apartment still, so I can only do so much, but with a treasure trove of ideas before me, I have found quite a few I can do.

And you know what? I am stoked!  I have already found several ideas, and even begun on some (this conversation and decision were fairly recent)  I'll share my first once it's done. I get this silly joy of making things for my home.

And I realized, it's very freeing. I have something I can do that is completely frivoulous, something that no one else may care about, something that is all mine.  Selfish, I am aware.  But, you need to know how good that feels.

So I challenge you. GET A LIFE.  Find a hobby, do something that's for you, that you enjoy, and embrace it.  Who cares if anyone else likes it with you, or if anyone wants to join.  I am beyond proud of my silly project that I will hang in my dining area.  And it feels good.

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