Lovely Authors

Lindsey is an Administrative Assistant in a law office located outside Washington, DC. That is as exciting as it sounds, but it leaves a lot of time for all her many, many hobbies including blogging, crocheting, cooking, and spending far too much time watching a lot of good TV. Lindsey is the brains behind this operation and is happy to have so many co-conspirators. She blogs once in a while on her personal blog, To Be Continued.

Meg is a librarian at heart and by degree, but is currently staying at home curating a collection of children's books for her delightful baby girl (and her delightful husband, who wants to know why so many books from her childhood are about ballerinas.) She posts about them and occasional other things on her personal blog, The Readiness is All. She also likes to indulge in some amateur cooking, which she posts about at Sisters-in-Long with her in-laws. She loves all things Great Britain, from Shakespeare to Doctor Who.

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom and she loves every minute of it. With a handsome little boy, a beautiful little girl, and one more on the way, she has her hands full! She is married to the man of her dreams and loves to watch movies with him (when they have the time). She loves to cook and experiment with new foods and recipes, but especially loves to make cakes of all shapes, sizes, and flavors - she enjoys eating them even more!. She completed her bachelor's degree in Business Management at Utah Valley University and could not be happier to be done. Now she is finally able to read books for enjoyment!

Cara is a former orchestra teacher turned librarian. She can often be found schlepping her double bass to orchestra rehearsals, volunteering for area music and arts events, jogging in preparation for her next 5k (using the word "jogging" liberally...sometimes it is more like flailing), getting lost in the wonders of the internet, and wrangling fantastic music and arts students for two weeks every summer as a camp counselor. Cara is a busy blogger and can be found at iLOVE (a group blog for librarians), Libing the Good Life (her professional blog), and tweeting about library things, music, and puppy videos.

Elise grew up in Arizona in a home filled to the brim with love, education, music, and happiness. After a very normal adolescence, she moved up to Utah to attend BYU and there met her now-husband. She finished up her degree in Humanities and Art History and worked while The Husband started and finished law school. They moved to the Bay Area for The Husband's first job and have stayed there since. They have been married for five and a half years and are parents to the world's tallest baby boy with the most delicious thighs. Elise is a stay at home mom and spends her time smooching her little man, running, cooking, sewing, and generally attempting to attain domestic goddesshood. She blogs with some frequency on her personal blog, Oh Frabjous Day!

After shocking all who had ever met her by completing not only one, but two post-high school degrees, Jill now requires all she meets to refer to her as "Master Library Scientist." She will have to let you know, however, as soon as anyone actually complies with this (rather reasonable) demand. She recently moved to the suburbs and began gestating her first human, which is a...well, let's say an adventure. Feel free to explore just how much of an adventure over at her own blog, I'm a given.

Lis is happily married, has a son that plays for the angels, and a daughter on the home team. She likes blogging, cooking, crafting, reading, playing games, music, going on walks and hikes, and being with her family and friends. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology. You can find more of Lis over at What Lis Thinks.

Megan works at a library part-time and is mom to a beautiful and rambunctious son. She usually has her library card maxed out (and sometimes her husband's and son's cards as well). She loves reading, hiking, watching The Daily Show, and hanging out with her boys. She occasionally blogs at her personal blog, Just Me(gan), and at the Utah politics blog, Remember in November.

Melissa lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and three children: two daughters, and one son. When she's not fishing one of her children out of a toilet, she loves to read and write. Among her many talents she boasts "picking the correct line in the grocery store 50% of the time" as her greatest accomplishment.

Paige Beach is a stay at home mama to a child prodigy. She enjoys being sarcastic and eating barbecue chips. You can also find her blogging on her personal blog, The Beach Family.

Rayla is a midwest girl desperately trying to get out. After pulling a Britney Spears, she now finds herself pretty lovely. She's one half of the musical duo muttonfist.