Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Pit of Despair

Disclaimer:  I'm about to talk about deodorant and body odor and armpits.  If that grosses you out, please do not feel obligated to continue.  Honestly, it kind of grosses me out and they are my armpits so I empathize.  

So here's a thing. Apparently, I'm allergic to deodorant. I have been deodorant free for the last four months.  Some of you may realize that means, during the hottest, sweatiest months of the year, I have lived on the edge of feeling fresh and smelling disgusting.  Luckily, in those four months, I have only smelled twice (and that was after prolonged physical activity so it was to be expected).  That's not too shabby and overall, my experience sans deodorant has been positive.

Without going into too much detail, in March I  had an allergic reaction to my regular deodorant.  It wasn't the first time, but it was definitely the worst and longest lasting.  Generally, switching brands works and I move on.  This time, I switched brands and had another reaction.  After a visit to my doctor (mostly to figure out how to deal with my incredibly uncomfortable, itchy armpits), and after spending a boatload of money on deodorant, I was left with six sticks of deodorant, one bottle of Benedryl Gel (my new BFF), and the assumption that I must be allergic to the aluminum in regular deodorant.

Now I'm wishing this post from A Cup of Jo existed four months ago, because I spent 20 minutes in the deodorant aisle guessing what to buy and ended up with Tom's of Maine (unscented) and Crystal Body.  The Tom's didn't work (and caused a smaller, less irritating reaction, but a reaction all the same) and I was too nervous to even try the Crystal Body because I just wanted to not have itchy armpits anymore.  Also, once the reaction was finally and completely gone, I had zero problems with under arm odor and actually felt like I was sweating less.  It's hard to see the need for deodorant again.  The trick seems to be showering daily (which was already happening) and shaving every other day (also, already happening).  I occasionally use an essential oil (Lavender, Melalueca, or Purify from DoTerra) when I feel less than fresh, but that hasn't really happened.  I've spent days in the sun, walking around outside sight seeing, or just standing outside in the gross, humid, Maryland summer heat without any issues.  It's actually quite freeing, and it's less money spent.  Win win.

I know this would not work for everyone.  I know some people sweat a lot more or have to deal with body odor issues for various reasons.  But, for now, this is working for me and I'm kind of amazed. 

I'm curious if any of you have had similar problems or just choose to go deodorant free?  Is there a natural product you prefer? 

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P & J said...

My husband never wears deodorant and always smells just fine! If you can get away with it do it!