Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Bundling and a GIVEAWAY!

Update: The winner for this contest is Megan Bowen! Congratulations! You'll be contacted with instructions about how to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered, and don't forget you can still use the coupon Merry15 to get a 15% discount at the Little Sproutie shop! 

Note: I was having a little too much fun writing this post, and it may have gotten away from me. If you don't want to see this many pictures, skip down to the bottom for the giveaway and I won't be mad. I received the hat from Little Sproutie in return for hosting the giveaway and offering my opinion. The opinions, pictures and little girl are my own. 

My little girl loves to be outside. Summer was a completely magical time where we were constantly outside playing in the sprinklers and reveling in her utter delight. In the fall, we tried to keep going for lots of walks, heading to the park to take advantage of the cooler weather, and teaching her the joys of crunchy leaves.

Summer is the best.

Fall is pretty good too.
Then winter hit.

The snow is pretty, and she really loves pointing out snowmen everywhere we go ("'NO-MEHN!!!") but for the last couple of weeks it has just been SO DANG COLD. We've taught CB to go, "Brrr!" and give a little shiver whenever we talk about the outside, and it makes me a little sad. A couple of weeks ago, we went to a nearby city's Christmas light parade, bundled her up in a hand-me-down snowsuit she'd never worn, put her down to walk around for a minute, and watched her promptly fall flat on her face.

For a small moment, she was so very happy. And pink.
But here's the good news! The best, best part about winter is that babies clearly look adorable in winter gear. That ridiculous snowsuit that made her fall down? Adorable. This snuggly coat and bunny hat we took to Bryce Canyon?

So adorable.

But I am so excited today, because I get to share with you the most adorable baby hats ever, and I get to GIVE ONE AWAY to ONE OF YOU! 

Little Sproutie is an absolutely darling Etsy shop that features sweet children's aprons and really unbelievably cute hats featuring fruits and veggies (and footballs! The football hats!). 

We chose the strawberry, because it's probably CB's favorite fruit (although grapes are neck-in-neck) and she looks killer in red. See? (Also, hooray for Crazy 8 having the sweater dress I loved last year on the clearance rack this year - in her size and her size only! It's a very small Christmas miracle.) 

This looks delicious. What is this?

She realized moments later that walking in this stuff was very frustrating.

She liked knocking over mini snowmen. 

These hats are made from beautiful snuggly yarn that is cozy on baby ears. It's stretchy enough that it will fit for longer than a day, but it won't come off unless it gets a pretty good tug from a chubby little baby hand. Best of all, it's ridiculously cute. I took my little girl to the store in it the day it came in the mail and people were stopping me right and left to tell me how cute she was in it. (Is it vanity to love getting compliments about my child? Probably. Whoops.) CB immediately recognized what it was when we pulled it out of the package and got a huge smile on her face (although the resemblance to a strawberry is probably not the reason she keeps trying to chew on that stem when she pulls it off in the car. I blame the impending molars.)

And guess what? Enter our Rafflecopter giveaway below and you can win an item of your choice in the size of your choice. It will be perfect for your little sproutie, or it would make a great gift. (By some magical twist of fate, at least three of the Lovely Blog contributors are currently pregnant - I'm sure you could send one to one of them!) Giveaway ends New Year's Day at midnight! 

And if you don't win, you can still use the coupon MERRY15 to get 15% off your order. Put that Christmas money from Grandma to good use!

Don't cry. There's a coupon!
Bundle those little ones up and try not to let them fall on their faces. We'll get through winter together.
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Amanda Shih said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win something for my little Emma's head!

My name is Becka said...

Oh my goodness, that last picture is adorable!

~Love Lis said...

I would choose the football hat for my upcoming little man. Your photos are so sweet!

Kristi Long said...

I would get a Strawberry hat so that CBL and SNL can Cable and Snail it up together. ;-)

Janssen said...

Ah, that Strawberry hat really is the most darling thing.

Megan said...

I do love that strawberry hat. So cute!

Tanya Riley said...

I would choose the football hat

Landon said...

Bundled up babies are the cutest! I would love to bundle up one of my babies and top them off with one of these hats :)

TnT Avery said...

Grape and football are my favorites.

Taryn Tener said...

I would choose the adorable apron! How cute is that! Thank you for the chance to win!

Elise said...

That strawberry hat really is adorable. :)

Karen said...

Not sure what I would choose. The football hats are super cute!

Megan said...

The carrot hat! LOVE

raquel perez said...

I like the Grape Hat too cute

Margaret said...

I adore the football cap!