Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Costume Round-Up


Long before my son was born- nay, long before we even knew he was a son, not a daughter, we started calling him Bean. It started with a comment from an ultrasound tech that our child was a jumping bean who wouldn't stay still long enough to get the needed measurements and it snowballed from there. Today, he is a three-month-old little guy who gets called Bean by pretty much anyone who talked to me or looked at Facebook during my pregnancy. Which is pretty much everyone in his life. I wanted to honor his nickname for Halloween, so I decided that he was going to be the cutest little can of baked beans you have ever seen. Round it out with a couple of bbq cooks (my husband and I) and I declare my Bean's first Halloween a success!


 At the last minute, I decided to make these.  I am still patting myself on the back.  I started at 8pm on Friday night and they were done by 2pm Saturday. Felt and foam board. Go me.
 My niece wanted to be a zombie, but hadn't been able to figure out what kind of zombie.  My mom was cleaning out my grandmother's cedar closet and found her wedding dress from 42 years ago, stained and browned.  My mom got so excited for my niece to be a zombie bride and, admittedly, she's the best zombie bride ever.  Credit goes to my sister-in-law, who is amazing, and my mom who was able to part with this dress when I had major reservations.

Finally, our little puppy dogs (technically Snoopy and Ribsy).  I made the Snoopy sweatshirt a few years ago when we were all Peanuts characters and I made the Ribsy hoodie on a Sunday afternoon.  I'm telling you, take a hoodie, attach ears and a tail, and people will be endlessly impressed with your creativity and skill.


 My husband and I dressed up as Harry Potter and Hermione, although some people assumed I was Ginny and some people just assumed I was a generic Gryffindor but either way, I finally got my husband to dress up as my fantasy boyfriend and that was pretty cool. Cool fact: both Adam and Harry were born in 1981.

My girls dressed up as the Disney Jr. line up. Paige is Minnie Mouse, (in a costume I found for $10 on sale from $40) and Hannah was an adorable Doc McStuffins, wearing a costume that I put together for all of about $11. The best part about Hannah's costume is she'll be able to wear most of it as a regular outfit. Paige requested that she be a robot next year.

My son Cooper was a skeleton this year due to a hectic month of traveling, moving to a new house, having house guests, and then reading an article about a woman who decided to "let go" of the perfect Halloween costume idea and her life became infinitely better. Sshh don't tell anyone that these are really just pajamas.

I also had to include a photo of my cousin Sydney dressed up as Willie from Duck Dynasty because I think she's awesome. While all her girlfriends were dressed up as princesses, my cute cousin, who has her own hunting rifle by the way, decided to dress up as Willie. She already had the camo and the duck calls so why not?

Meg: You already got to see my costume stylings, but here's a picture of my baby in awe of her Halloween candy haul, plus one from trick or treating with cousins.

Hope you had an awesome Halloween!

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Jules said...

I think Bean has my favorite costume of the bunch, and those tumblr/instagram/vine costumes are very creative.

(Also, Harry Potter's birth year is actually 1980 :)