Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Truths Learned From Doctor Who

Remember when I learned some truths about decision making from Say Yes to the Dress? Well, here are the truths I learned about saving the world from watching Doctor Who. And I'm sorry.

    I started this post a couple of years ago, and then forgot about it, and then we went on hiatus. When we were trying to clean out our drafts, we found it again and I decided to see if I had anything left, and we decided it might be fun to start a series of short "Truths Learned From Pop Culture" posts, so watch for those in the coming weeks.

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    • Everyone deserves a chance (even really terrible monster/alien people, so that mean lady at the department store counter counts too). 
    • Even if you're going to wear a posh suit while you travel the universe, wear some sensible shoes (in case you have to run). 
    • Sometimes, you have to fight in your jim jams. (Or without your makeup or in your ratty t-shirt or whatever.). (This has become increasingly true now that I am a mother.)
    • People are almost always more than they seem. 
    • People, collectively, are amazing. They're resilient and imaginative and resourceful, and they are constantly trying to explore and make things better. Sometimes they do things that are really stupid or horrible, but the general strivings for goodness and exploration make up for it somehow, don't they? I like to hope that they do. 
    Dr. Who fans out there - what truths have you learned? And for the rest of you, what would you like to see in this series? We have lots of ideas, but we'd love your input! 

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