Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just say yes!

One of my main goals for this year was to be more social. Yes, I had to make it a goal.  I even broke it down to smaller goals so I would actually have to work to make it fail. I am very lucky that I have made some awesome new friends this year who make it easy and fun to be social.  With them, my anxiety is in the back of my mind during most situations.

Still, I found myself saying no to things I had no reason to say no to. Why? Because I had to do laundry?  Because I was tired? Boo. That's boring.  I finally decided, barring work or family obligations, I needed to say yes to more social things.  This meant beach trips in the rain, bonfires, road trips, movie nights and so much more.  Random things I didn't think I would do.

Spending a weekend at the beach during a tropical storm.

Driving out of the way to see men in kilts throw a telephone poll.

Spending the weekend in Philadelphia for no reason other than just doing it.

Throwing impromptu game nights and building a 34.5 layer Jenga tower.

 It's not unlike being in college again, except everything takes more time and planning and effort.  But it's all so worth it.  Even just sitting and talking and getting to know new and interesting people.  Inside jokes were made and relationships strengthened.  All those things would have happened without me, but I'm the better for being a part of it. 

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