Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Links, Hooray!

This list, 28 Pictures That Prove Dreams Do Come True, from Buzzfeed just makes my heart swell! Way to go humanity!

There are some hobbies you can only do when you are young and your health holds up, but music is something you can continue with all  your life, as this 92-year-old man demonstrates in his rehearsal. Amazing!

I'm awful in the kitchen...absolutely awful. If I don't have a recipe to follow, then I wind up eating flavorless mush, and that's just not fun. Luckily, Crock-Pots exist. Essentially, Crock-Pots are the only think keeping me fed. This website, A Year of Slow Cooking, has saved me many times AND (and this is huge, folks) everything is gluten free!  The woman who runs this website is fantastic and has some books out--I love her writing (she's honest about the victories and the flops), and her recipes are so doable! (If I can do can definitely do it!)

This video/audio recording has been on my radar for years, and I listen to it whenever I need a pick-me-up (or I have my boyfriend listen to it when we're driving on the freeway with moderate amounts of traffic and we almost get into an accident because he's laughing so hard...Not something I recommend, dear readers. Please listen to this when you are not operating or even in a moving vehicle, not holding small children or puppies, or not wielding sharp objects. You know, for safety's sake).

Haunted houses are pretty horrible, but 'tis the season anyway! I must say, I don't know how much I love haunted houses, but I do know how much I love seeing others' reactions to haunted houses, particularly those captured by the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Check out this adventurous couple as the bride does gown photo shoots around the world! You can explore their website and browse their gallery. 

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