Monday, July 22, 2013

My "Fitspiration"

Look, there's a lot of stuff out there about health and fitness. "Fitspo" is a thing now, and if that floats your boat, more power to you. All that matters is that you feel really, honestly good about it. If you do, then that is awesome, no questions asked. 

You may be shocked to learn that fitspo doesn't work for me (but then again... Yeah, you're probably not). This article explains the problems I have with the fitspo trend, and you should read it, because it was also the inspiration for the image I created and shared at the bottom of this post. To sum up:

So I compiled some inspirational images that do work for me, and thought I would share them with you.

(Needing your body to be fit so you can love it = the same thing.)

(Maybe it's none of anyone's business either way.)
(Also, I know several people this size who do run marathons.)


Lis said...

Great post, Miri! I do repin some quotes but it's because they do motivate me to do something I like, like you said.

I especially like the picture of the different girls that all weigh 150 lbs. Sometimes I've thought I must have really dense bones because I don't feel that I look like the weight the scale is telling me. All the body types look quite different at the same weight- very interesting.

Also, the last picture you made is awesome- you look so happy and such a great message!

Miri said...

Thanks, Lis! It's from Bear Lake a few years ago with your family. I was really happy to find it, because it's perfect for what I'm talking about here. I'm obviously not a "fit" size six, but do I look like I care? I do not. :)