Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday!

Whether you've had a crappy week and are praising the gods that it's finally over, or you're just feeling that good old TGIF glow, there is probably no better way to start your weekend than with the 30 happiest facts of all time. Don't believe me? Check out fact number fifteen:

Baby puffins are called "pufflings".

If you're ever looking for something fantastic to read, A Mighty Girl has an excellent collection of books starring—you guessed it—mighty girls. Princesses who do something besides wait in a tower to be rescued... Isn't that a lovely change?

And speaking of mighty girls... When you need to feel inspired, read the story of thirteen-year-old Marisa Martinez, who stopped a man from kidnapping her eight-year-old neighbor.

No dire warnings about the looming swimsuit season here; in fact, this meme might actually make me want to put on a swimsuit. It's an internet miracle.

If you'd like something brilliant to follow on Twitter, check out #EdgyHeadlines, which draw attention to media sexism by writing about men the way the media writes about women.

And if you have some driving or housework in front of you today, bust out iTunes (or click here) to introduce yourself to one of my new favorite podcasts. Stuff Mom Never Told You is a sister podcast to Stuff You Should Know, which is one of my other favorite podcasts. I submit that between these shows, you will never find people who are better at making absolutely anything utterly fascinating.

Want to paint your nails, but your regular polish just isn't nerdy enough for you today? Try literary nail art.

Finally, eight characters from television and movies you'll never believe were based on real people. (Spoiler/enticement to click over: One of them is Edna Mode. Yes. I'm serious.)

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