Monday, May 10, 2010

Sometimes Things are Awesome.

We're back!

Dear lovely readers, we have missed you. The last few weeks have been a little crazy for us, but we are back to normal now and would like to start off by sharing this fabulous website with you. I came across it while browsing Post Secret the other day.

If you are ever having a crappy day and need something to cheer you up, try checking out 1000 Awesome Things. As I read through the first few pages, I thought about how wonderful it is to seek out and dwell on those small things that just make your life better. Here are a couple I especially liked.

#528 When your pet notices you’re in a bad mood and comes to see you.

Everybody hurts, sometimes.
Relationships fritz and fizzle, bad moods steam and sizzle, and we all have moments where all we wanna do is to curl up under a blanket so it all goes away.
In tear-stained moments of blackness, when the weight of the world hangs heavy, there’s nothing as sweet as a furry four-footed friend noticing your mood and coming over for a snuggle.
As your dog curls into your lap or your cat stares straight in your eyes you just suddenly sniff back hot salty tears and let a small smile curl onto your face.

#539 When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for

You cracked the case.
Seriously, when you pop open that textbook, flip open the yellow pages, or split the spine of that beach novel right to the spot you’re looking for it’s a beautiful moment.
Suddenly you transform into a gloomy trenchcoat-wearing detective who solves the case just by glancing at the crime scene. Yes, the street’s been taped off, someone’s crying under a blanket on the curb, and the city police are filling out witness statements on their notepads.
That’s when you peel up in a navy blue squad card, calmly light up a cigarette, and then stare at the surrounding buildings for a few minutes with furrowed eyebrows.
Then you calmly walk back to your cruiser, smile softly, and roll your window down at the local police before screaming away down the wet roads.
“Page 127.”

#540 The TV Treasure Chest Moment

The TV Treasure Chest Moment occurs when you stumble upon an elusive rerun of your favorite TV show just as it’s about to start.
This champion channel-flip happens in two big ways:
1. The Missing Link. This is when you suddenly realize you haven’t seen this episode before — ever! You love the show, you’re a huge fan, you’ve seen most episodes ten times … but now you landed on the missing link. Maybe you always knew this episode existed but didn’t get to witness it until today. You know you landed on a missing link if you find yourself saying things like “Is this the backwards episode?”, “So that’s when she got braces” or “Ahhhh, now I fully get another joke referenced later in the series. I am at peace.”
2. The Full Fave. Here’s when you find your favorite episode of the series and get giddy with anticipation. Maybe it’s the soup nazi on Seinfeld, the time Carlton gets cut from the frat, or that dark day when Jesse takes too many caffeine pills. Chances are good you’ve seen the end of this one twenty times and that’s exactly what makes the full version such a sweet release.
People, you know it and I know it: The TV Treasure Chest Moment is a great big rush of excitement in the middle of your family room. When it happens you’ve gotta dim those lights, pop that corn, and stare deeply at the glittery gold moment before you.

So hey, if you're feeling inspired after visiting the website, try making your own list of things that are awesome and share it with us! (After all, part of what makes these things awesome is the fact that other people have had the exact same experience--and there's nothing we human beings love better than shared experience.)

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