Monday, April 5, 2010


I came across this article a while back while browsing around the internets and I saved it for some reason. Now I look at it again and I think, "Why did I save this?" I can only imagine I had an idea for a post but I cannot, for the life of me, remember that idea.

The article is called "11 Secrets Men Don't Know About Women," but they are kind of non-secrets and I don't really agree with a lot of them. Like the first one, for example: "Women don't like explosions, in art or in life." I actually do enjoy a movie with some explosions from time to time, especially really cool, fiery ones. And number three is a throw-away: "We grow pathetic goatees and look awful in cargo shorts anyway." What does that even mean?

If this list hadn't been written by a woman, it would tick me off. In fact, maybe because it was written by a woman I actually am a little ticked off. It's cliche and totally generic, right? Except for number eight: "Our clothes are complicated, our shoes unforgiving, and our constitutions delicate, so please, valet park." No one wearing 3-inch heels wants to park in China and hike to their destination. No one.

Maybe I saved this article because it bothered me so much. Maybe I felt like if this writer could include in a list of "secrets" the following statement: "Women aren't as funny as men. We're often cleverer, frequently wittier, but to be really funny demands a certain clownishness that our grace just does not allow. It's fine, really it is"- if that's the case, then maybe the list should have at least been clever or witty- since it's, you know, impossible for women to be funny.

So I'm not sharing this article because it's clever or witty or particularly poignant, but because it annoys me and I dislike it and I want you all to dislike it as well. That's a fair enough reason, right?

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Miri said...

What a dumb article. Number 6 and number 8 are the only ones I don't think are totally stupid. (I've recently discovered that my emotional well-being is directly proportional to the cleanliness of our apartment. It weirds Mike out when I suddenly go crazy and start cleaning--regardless of the hour--because I can't take the mess anymore, so he's learning to take preventative measures. :) )

It's always a little disappointing when women write articles like this (assuming that it is a woman--I actually do know a man named Stacy)... There is very little uplifting or enlightening about these kinds of jokes, which are pretty insignificant, but just perpetuate sexist cliches.