Monday, March 1, 2010

Annilygreen on Etsy

This blog won't typically be a place where you are inundated with posts about buying things, but this is an occasion to help out and encourage a Lovely Reader and I love it when that happens.

I'm in love with the close-up shots of her pillows, too. I would frame that.

Annie and I are constantly talking about the state of our Etsy shops, but Annie has finally really got hers up and running and it is wonderful (check it out at annilygreen on etsy). I'm a sucker for pillows anyway, but she makes beautiful and unique pillows AND she gives them clever names. I'm a double sucker for pillows with clever names. In fact, I've been stalking her pillows since she posted them (one in particular, but I'm not telling which because I don't want someone to get it before I can). She also makes great little baggies.

And now to the real point. Annie was just accepted to be a vendor at The Beehive Bazaar, but the cost of participation is high and the deadline is approaching quickly. We are not asking for donations, just helping with some advertising in the hopes that someone out there will like what they see over at annilygreen* and buy a pillow or some baggies. Maybe you are even in the midst of a search for a great pillow for your couch! I am always in the midst of a search for a pillow to put somewhere...even though I already own far too many pillows. Either way, your search ends here! Check out the pillows and help a sister out! That's what we're here for, right?

This one is made from a jacket from a thrift store! How can you not love that?!

*She does custom orders, people! Don't see anything up there in the colors you love? Just give her a shout and she will hook you up.

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