Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Giveaway #2

Today's giveaway might be my personal favorite. I made these hankies for my brother-in-law for his birthday. He almost always has two hankies with him - one for him to use and one for other people (I usually need one in church on Sundays when my eyes go berserk and start getting so watery that I look like I'm having an emotional breakdown). His were looking a little less than crisp, so I embroidered some new ones:

With this giveaway, you have a chance to personalize the colors. I will stitch them up and get them right out to you! So when you comment, make sure to include the three colors you would like to be used.


Emily said...

Pick me, pick me! These are adorable!
(and I would be perfectly happy with any colors. I like the ones you used in the photos).

Something lovely about me:
I love my curly brown hair (which I plan to do a guest post on soon if I can ever get to it!)

Peyton said...

Okay, those are seriously darling. I'd love them done in shades of blue. (The color of the sky today! After a week of cloudy, seeing the sky was absolutely lovely!)

My friend just got engaged!
My husband gave me a dozen roses (and other assorted flowers) yesterday for our anniversary, with the help of a sneaky friend of ours!

Samantha said...

These are awesome! My lovely thing is that Kaitlyn has gone to sleep two nights this week without crying - yay! I would love to see them in two shades of green and a navy.

sarah said...

i love these, lindsey! they are so cute! did you embroider them by hand? secondly, am i supposed to say something lovely? does my first exclamation count?
haha, ok, enough already. i think my colors would be black, red, and white.

Meg said...

Secretly I wish I were eligible for this giveaway.

Allison said...

These are SO COOL. They would really help with my crying-over-anything-about-Jesus problem (even Christmas carols were a beast when I started thinking seriously about the words while singing) and having-to-ask-for-a-tissue-everytime-I-walk-into-a-warm-room-from-the-cold-outside. I obviously have been having huge problems lately. ...Or maybe I would be unselfish and give them to my brother, who is the big hankie user in the family.

Anyway, blue, gray, light brown.


Christian said...

Can boys be lovely? I hope so, because I follow this blog.
I also think these handkerchiefs are amazing, and love the colors blue, green (both probably in darker shades), and black.
A lovely thing:
My mother has elf soap in the upstairs bathroom that I use when I go home that says "Be good" and "Be nice" on it. On the box there are elves sledding in the snow and generally being merry in wintery surroundings. I don't think they're necessarily Santa elves so much as random winter Scandanavian elves. The idea of elves making soap that reminds me to be nice seems lovely to me.