Monday, December 7, 2009

Spotlight: Stephanie Nielson

We are starting a new feature spotlighting women who are examples of loveliness. After following the story of Stephanie Nielson since before the plane crash that changed her life, I cannot think of a better woman to start with.

Stephanie Nielson is the author of the blog Nie Nie Dialogues, where she shares the stories of raising her four young children and, now, her recovery and return to motherhood. I have mentioned her before on this blog and I will probably mention her again--she is an inspiration and a miracle.

The Arizona Republic has covered her family's story, starting with the plane crash that left Stephanie and her husband Christian severely burned and proved fatal to their pilot, Doug Kinneard. You can read the newest, multi-part installation of the Nielsons' story over at and I definitely recommend that you do so... with tissues.

This story touches me in a way I can't explain. I can't imagine having the strength and the will to go through so much and it is incredible to me how Stephanie has made it through. As much as this new article shares, I know there are all sorts of secret, personal stories of triumph and despair, stories of the miracles that must have occured to get Stephanie to where she is today. To think of the doctors that worked so hard to heal Stephanie's body and the worry and responsibility they surely carried on their own shoulders. To hear of the unconditional love and support of Stephanie's family throughout the entire process. It's the way a family should be. And to read Stephanie's blog now as she expresses her gratitude, love, frustration, pain, joy, etc. It's all so real and sincere and it makes me want to send her presents to brighten her day (although I know people already do that for her).

She is inspiring, and a true example of becoming lovely.

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