Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Dare You Not to Cry

I just wanted to make sure all of you out there have heard the story of Nie Nie. She is an inspiration.

She and her husband were in a plane crash last year. Their friend and pilot died in the crash and they suffered massive burns. Nie got the worst of it, but she survived and returned home to her family. I read her blog, the Nie Nie Dialogues before her life changed and I followed her progress after over on her sister's blog, C Jane Enjoy It. In fact, most of the blogging world (and the news world) followed as well. Then they went one giant step further and began organizing events and auctions to help Nie Nie and her husband pay for their medical bills.

It's really an amazing story. So amazing, in fact, even Oprah is getting in on it. So check out Nie and her family on Oprah this afternoon and enjoy feeling inspired. Also, there will be crying, so bring a hankie.

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