Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something for Everyone

I posted this on my personal blog several months ago when I came across it online, and feel like this is a pretty good place for it to be recycled. Tell me you don't want to hug each of these wonderful guys when you read it.

“Why I love women’s bodies”

By Christine M. Coppa
Tall, short, plump or petite, one thing is universal—no matter what a woman’s shape, there’s a man out there who’ll appreciate it! To prove our point, listen to what these guys have to say, and feel your confidence soar… no matter what your body type.

The pleasure of plus
“My wife is plus-size — and it’s a plus in every aspect of the word — especially when it comes to spooning.”
– Anthony Abruccio, 39, Brooklyn, NY

Stay strong
“I like muscles! My girl’s arms are cut, toned and sexy—and I love when she wraps ’em around me.”
– Carl Steir, 31, Clifton, NJ

Boyish bodies rock!
“I’m not lusting after the classic Playboy centerfold. My girlfriend is a 32A, and I love when she goes braless—especially in a clingy tank-top.”
– Dan Cooke, 24, Asotin, WA

Muscles, schmuscles…
“My girl’s middle is soft and luscious and every time she complains about it, I hug her belly. I love that part of her body best—it’s so womanly.”
– Roger Abrams, 31, Browning, MO

Short and sweet
“Everyone thinks tall models are so glamorous, but my fiancĂ©e is just five feet tall. It’s so adorable when she stands on her tippy-toes to kiss me.”
– Josh Cooper, 29, New York, NY

On the lean and narrow
“I’ve dated women of all shapes, sizes and races. I’m engaged to a tomboy with narrow hips and pin-thin legs. It’s all good!”
– Josh Wood, 31, Houston, TX

When thin isn’t in
“I used to date a dieter. She obsessed over everything she ate and was depressed every single time she looked in the mirror. My new girlfriend loves to eat and bake. She’s not thin or heavy. She’s healthy, and I’m happy!”
– Matt Magino, 29, Brick, NJ

Bathing beauty
“I met my current girlfriend last summer. She’s plus-size, but was romping around on the beach in a bikini. There was something very confident and free in the way she moved. She didn’t cover up or hide anything, and there was this fresh air about her that I really fell for.”
– Anthony Douglas, 28, Mission Viejo, CA

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Julie W said...

Thank you! I have body image issues and this made my day.