Thursday, October 15, 2009

Plan to be the Best

I'm currently reading a book (Exactly As I Am by Shaun Robinson) that I will review here when I'm finished, but wanted to share a quote from Laila Ali that stood out to me.

"With boxing you have to have a lot of confidence to go into the ring in the first place. I had to close my eyes and dream and feel what I could do. It made me feel good and like I accomplished something just getting in there and boxing. I always planned to be undefeated, planned to be the best, planned to be world champion. It was more a question of performing the way I intended to perform than winning."

I just love that attitude. Boxing is not a girl sport...rather, it isn't a world where a girl would easily and quickly find acceptance and encouragement. She never backed down, though, and she never doubted herself. She planned on being the best then focused on what she had to do to get there.

Imagine what you could do if you just planned on succeeding. I'm sure there would be failed attempts and road blocks, but I believe they would be easier to brush off because they would be part of the plan.

So plan on being happy and lovely and charming. Plan on being your best.

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