Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Driving Along in my Automobile

I have a confession. I sing in my car. I'm not talking about bobbing my head to the music or quietly singing along, I'm talking about turning my radio up as loud as it will go and rocking out. I sing quite loudly and I drum on the wheel and I tap my feet...or foot. Even when there are people in the car, I have a really hard time turning the music down and not singing. My strategy there is to just turn on whatever music I know they love so they will want to turn the music up and sing along with me.

My reason for confessing is this: I realized that I am probably my truest self when I'm in my car singing badly and dancing like a loon.

I think some of it has to do with the amount of freedom I feel in just owning a car. If I don't have my own mode of transportation, one that has the potential to whisk me away at any moment, I go a little stir crazy. I need to know that I can escape and be alone any time I want. Other than that, though, there is just something about being in that little space that makes me feel comfortable. It's like my windows are shaded and no one can see in (although I know they can) and no one can hear the music or my horrible singing (which they most certainly can, especially now that I own a Prius ie., the quietest car on earth). In my car, I am awesome. I am completely and totally happy with myself. Even when people catch me singing and/or dancing and we make eye contact, I generally just keep right on rocking out and sometimes I even wave. Outside of my car, I would stop and hesitate and my face would turn bright red and I would probably say something awkward about how awkward I was being because, you know, that makes the entire situation less awkward.

When/where do you feel the most like yourself, the most content with who you are? Is it in the car like me? Maybe it's when you read books with your children or when you garden or even when you sit around in your sweats blogging and watching TV. Inquiring minds want to know! Share with us!

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, here is a recent car playlist (it is totally random and changes from day to day): Don't Stop Believin' by Journey Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore by Glee Cast (anything really from the show Glee) Here We Go Again by Demi Lavato Pop! Goes my Heart by Hugh Grant (from Music & Lyrics) Snails by The Format Change is Hard by She and Him Vampire by Antsy Pants (from Juno) Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker Here Comes Your Man by Meaghan Smith I'm on Fire by Kate Tucker This is Halloween by Danny Elfman (from Nightmare Before Christmas) Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple Cherish by Madonna A-Punk by Vampire Weekend


Meg said...

I feel most myself making playlists. Haha.

Heidi Marie said...

Never do I feel more free and confident then when I rock out in the car! I totally for some reason feel like I'm invisible and I can let my emotions out by singing and moving to my favorite beats, and whatever song has the same wave lengths of my heart that day. In my car, I can conquer to world.

Miri said...

I'm probably the most myself when Mike and I are hanging out just being silly. Because honestly I'm a pretty silly person, but I get embarrassed easily so very few people have seen the actual full extent of my silliness. I think Mike and my siblings are the only ones.

annie said...

at least you know people can see you. i'm always shocked when i see someone who clearly thinks the whole world can't see him picking his nose in his car!
i LOVE car singing. my voice sounds better in cars.