Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dogs are not my spirit animal, they're better.

Dogs are my spirit animal. No, dogs are better than my spirit animal because dogs are better than me. 

They are selfless, sweet, playful, patient, and rambunctious. Their love is beyond unconditional. Who else will lick your tears when you are crying, snuggle up to you when you are sick, tickle your toes with their nose, sit on your feet to show their love (okay, I lucked out here and my boyfriend lets me tuck my toes under him when I complain I’m too cold--contrary to what most people think, it’s an endearing act of love), and let you be entertained by them and their quirky approach to the world? 

I’m pretty sure none of my friends would play fetch with me or sit and watch endless hours of Matlock while I scratched them behind their ears (I suppose the ears part would be a bit much). 

Dogs remind us that there is life outside, that there is wonder in both the simplicity and complexity of nature around us, that love is what matters most, and that life is to be shared. So, happy National Dog Day! 

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