Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sometimes No Plan is a Good Plan

I only like good surprises. (Pretty obvious, right?) The problem with surprises, however, is that you don't know whether they're good surprises or bad surprises until you're through them. Let me explain.

I'm a planner. For a variety of reasons, I like knowing what to generally expect and when to expect it. I'm a fan of knowing the plan and, for the most part, sticking with it. (Logical instances where this comes in handy: knowing where/when I can eat with my special dietary needs; knowing where a bathroom is and when I might encounter the next one...helloooo long, desolate road trip routes; knowing where I'll lay my head at the end of the day; knowing that I'm saving/working toward something; having approximate knowledge of what the weather will be in order to dress accordingly; and more).

Here’s the deal: Life doesn't always cooperate with us planners. Sudden storms may pop up and, while they are difficult to drive through, ultimately the destination is worth the stress of getting there (and so is the stuff we learned/felt/saw along the way). Sometimes we planners need to trust those around us (who haven't necessarily always known the next step, and still somehow managed to be successful in life) that we'll be fine; we'll get there, and we'll have a few adventures along the way.

Author’s note: I'm still working on this...which means I still plan away, but do my best to roll with the punches.

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