Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tutorial: Dining room decor

I like to think that on some occasions I can be "crafty". You know, creative and original.  Most often I just copy ideas I have seen and pretend they are my own.  But hey, take what you can get, right?

Recently, I found a craft I really liked, it was even a "green" craft.  I get to be creative and pretend to be good to the environment (please do not judge me for my lack of effort to preserve the environment in every way possible). I do care about the earth, but there is no way I am putting poopy cloth diapers in the same washing machine as my regular clothes.

Okay, craft.  I saved up a bunch of bathroom tissue rolls, in a much shorter time than anticipated. My kids were happy to help by TP-ing our living room.  I then cut them into similar(ish) sizes.  Roughly 5 pieces each. Although it turns out that different brands do not have the same size, or rather length, of rolls.  Never fear, it's truly not a big deal if they are different lengths.  It's actually quite alright and doesn't matter at all.

Now you have your cut up tubes (did I forget to mention that to cut them you squish them in half?)  and you lay them out to make your design.  Putting a few of them together kind of makes a flower shape, it's pretty.  I arranged the flowers with a flowing design around them.  It's below in the pictures.

Then you glue them together using your hot glue gun.  *REMINDER* Be so careful with those dang glue guns, even if you hide them in a box, behind a chair in the corner, your preschooler can still somehow find it, and burn his cute little foot and you will feel like the world's worst mother ever.
So, you glue them together, and all the while think "I hope this is worth it".  And as it comes together, you'll slowly change your thoughts to more positive ones, and you may even become slightly proud.
My original intention was to spray paint it black, but I made it in January, in Utah.  Turns out that paint doesn't set well in sub frozen temperatures.  I am far too impatient to wait to hang it up until warmer weather (which may never happen in Utah).  Also, I'm pregnant, and apparently it's unsafe to paint while pregnant. I suppose that makes sense.  Anyhow, it's now hanging in my dining room, and I LOVE it!  It turned out much better than I anticipated.  And guess what, with it's level of difficulty, anyone could do it!  Take a peak:

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