Thursday, January 9, 2014

Truths Learned From Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger and I are best friends. Daniel Tiger lets me shower in peace, he even lets me shower without being questioned about the difference between the male and female body. Thank you Daniel Tiger!

Every day at 9:30 a.m. my son and I journey to the land of make-believe before I make my prisoner escape to take the world's quickest shower, I have become an expert in all things Daniel Tiger, and it has taught me a few truths:

Using public restrooms is ok.

Is it Daniel Tiger? I'm still not sure if I'm convinced. Maybe some undercover investigations with a black light and analyzing some q-tip swabs might help you make your case a little better.

Prince Tuesday (the older brother) is easy on the eyes.

Even PBS cartoons can't resist throwing in a little eye candy. Maybe it's for those moms like me who haven't seen a People magazine or a non-animated movie in years. When all of our friends are talking about how cute Ryan Gosling is we can say, "Well, have you guys seen Prince Tuesday on Daniel Tiger's neighborhood? He's cute and he's royalty."

Daniel Tiger is very concerned about childhood obesity. 

Every episode is basically 25 minutes of watching Daniel Tiger wolf down every vegetable imaginable. Yet somehow my son still thinks broccoli is rat poison.

Daniel Tiger's mom is nicer than you.

She is always patient, always teaching, always calm, always fun, always saying the right things... and always makes me feel like a total failure of a parent. I bet they have a tiger maid, I bet that's how she does it...

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Meg said...

To be fair, I think Daniel is also the most even tempered four year old in the world. It must be easy to be a patient, loving mother when your child always responds to your sing-song solutions to his problems. :)