Friday, December 6, 2013

Links: Christmas Edition

Just to shake things up a bit, we're sharing links to some favorite online shops, just in case you might be looking for something fun for family and friends this season. Or yourself, because a lot of this is great. Disclaimer: we are not being paid for any of these reviews, and our opinions are our own. We're just sharing them because we think they look neat.

First things first, the geek in me definitely owns a Doctor Who skin cover for my kindle, a matching case for my iPhone, and a stereo skin cover for my iPod from Skunkwraps.  The case has held up amazingly well.  I was worried when I bought it that it might not be strong enough to withstand a fall, but that is not the case.  I drop it quite a bit. The skins are great for protecting against scratches and such.  Plus they are fun, not bulky, and have held up with every day use for almost two years. Not too shabby.

Coin is a really cool-looking new product that's going to be released this summer where you can put all of your credit cards on one neat card that also alerts you when it is being left behind. We're sharing the link here because Meg's husband fell in love with it and ordered it during their 50% off pre-order (which still has a few days left), and if you refer people, you get $5 off for each person who decides to order it. She told him she'd help him get his link around. We haven't actually used the product ourselves, but if you also think it's cool and decide to get one, use his link, okay? (Merry Christmas, honey!)

If you happen to be purchasing something for a crafter, weelittlestitches is a great place to start.  8-bit patterns for popular characters.  Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Back to the Future, The Sound of Music, etc. etc. etc. They are embroidery patterns, but are easily used for needlepoint. 

Finally, I am so in love with this print (and all the prints) from Paperchat.  I've already gifted "Treat Yo Self" to a close friend and would happily hang Tom Haverford's Food Slang in my kitchen. 

Now I think it's time to go and eat some Zerts and perhaps search for a few more awesome gifts for this year.  Happy hunting!

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