Friday, December 20, 2013

Art, Seuss, and Bullying (a linky post)

These shadow sculptures blow my mind. They have literally taken heaps of garbage and arrange them so that their shadows are amazing.

In other amazing and ridiculous art, check out War on Kinkade, where some guy throws Star Wars scenes on top of Thomas Kinkade paintings.

This article about an amazing woman whose Halloween costume picture became a viral object of ridicule is a great reminder that the people we make fun of so cavalierly on the internet are actually people. It's actually pretty easy to be a cyber bully by accident. Her experience will help you choose not to.

You may remember when Paige shared the amazing Snuggie texts posts a few months ago. Since then I've been reading the blog, which is quite hilarious and wonderful, but recently he wrote a more serious post about how insightful Dr. Seuss's Oh the Places You'll Go really is. I remember having the same reaction after I finished my undergraduate degree and decided I was never going to use my teaching license. It's really a lovely post.

Talking about Dr. Seuss just reminded me of this amazing section of an episode of This American Life where David Rakoff wrote this imagined exchange between Gregor from Kafka's The Metamorphosis  and Dr. Seuss, apparently thinking he is an actual medical doctor. It's hilarious and sad and insightful, and you should listen to it.

And that's it for me! Enjoy your weekend!

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