Friday, November 22, 2013


Sometimes I get bogged down by the internet.  There is so much time-wasting and mind-destroying junk out there, it is nice every once in a while to find all the wonderful things the internet makes possible and all the awesome things it would be so hard to find without it. 

I've mentioned Smart Girls at the Party on the blog before. I love it.  But there's also a YouTube channel called Ask Amy where Amy Poehler answers questions submitted by girls.  There's a wide range of topics.  My favorite, though, was her video posted after the Boston bombings.  "Just because something has a gazillion views doesn't mean it's worth your eyeballs." Perfectly said.

I like all these quotes from Walt Disney, but I might like how pretty most of them are presented more than the actual quotes.  That kind of thing goes a long way for me.  Still, great advice from Mr. Disney.

I kind of want to read all of the books on this list of the most famous book set in every state. Ideally, I would also be independently wealthy and could travel around the country and read each book in each state. Even more ideally, I would arrive in each state during peak weather conditions and stay in the most comfortable of lodgings (maybe a snowy day in Utah in a cabin in the mountains with a cozy fire and blanket or 70 degrees by the water with a hammock on the porch, you get my drift).  One can dream.

This has been floating around for a while on the ol' interwebs, but it kind of blows my mind.  The Pixar Theory.  All the Pixar movies laid out in an order that explains how all the Pixar movies actually take place in the same world.  I'm amazed at how someone has actually figured this out.  Also, how someone had the time or motivation to figure this out.  Also, it's a little crazy, but not so crazy that you don't spend time yourself thinking about it.

Finally, this photo project, I'm Not a Look-Alike!  None of the people photographed are related.  Insanity.  

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P & J said...

I take issue with Twilight representing Washington. We're so much more than that!