Thursday, November 14, 2013

Confidence Boosters

Sometimes I feel like I lived my life a little out of order.  For instance, I loved middle school and absolutely hated high school.  That's not normal, I know that.  Also, I had a healthy, and possibly somewhat misplaced, sense of self-confidence during high school and college, and now that self-confidence is barely staying alive.  I never really had to work at believing in myself or my abilities and now I have to work really hard.  I know it has to do with anxiety and several unfortunate events during my mid-twenties, but knowing the cause doesn't really help solve this type of problem.

I'm finding the only way to solve it, step by painfully-slow step, is to kind of hack my brain and trick myself into thinking more confidently.  Sometimes I falter and fall back a step or two, but there's still plenty to learn in backwards steps.  So I'm constantly searching for ways to boost my confidence in myself.  Turns out, they are all super cheesy.  Self-affirmations, compliments, celebrating small achievements.  It's weird to get super excited about doing your hair, make-up, and wearing a real outfit to work on a Tuesday, but I kind of do get excited about it because it's a step forward.  I have a framed poster next to my bed that says, "Every thing is going to be alright," because that's actually a helpful thing I need to be reminded of every day.  I try to look in the mirror every day and admire one thing about myself.  It could be my hair or my outfit or maybe it's the fact that I'm all ready for work and leaving on time, instead of 10 minutes late. Some days, some weeks, are easier than others, but for the most part it is actually working for me and I'm starting to feel more like my old, happy, and confident self.

Do you struggle with this? What boosts your self-confidence? 

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