Monday, October 14, 2013

How I handle being married.

If you asked any of my real friends, they would all tell you that I am the last person they know that should be married.

In fact, some of them are still shocked and I’m coming up on 3 years of marriage...

While I blame many things for this (joining a new church and 2 years of complete single-ness), I have really one thing to blame.

Meeting this guy:

My husband is super pumped that Canada is behind him.

Hands down, the number #1 reason I married this guy is because he could play guitar. (I promise there are other reasons, too.)

One elopement and several new instruments later, we became muttonfist.

While 80% of our listeners are related to me, a few friends (thanks, Meg!) have caught on.

My husband takes care of all the instrument tracks including banjo, steel guitar, drums, and bass. I write lyrics and record vocals after he has bugged me to do them at least five times. So far it's a slow process, but we're gaining speed.

I'm not really into televised sports or showering. He hates romantic comedies and McDonald's. We have very, very little in common to the outside world. But, music unites us.

Here's a few of my favorite tracks. You can find more at:

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