Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is coming soon and every kid's favorite part is dressing up for trick-or-treating to get candy. 
There are costumes for all ages and sizes, but here are some of my favorites. 
Most of these costumes could be adapted to adults, but kid's just look cuter than adults in Halloween costumes, but as an adult it can be fun to dress up too. 
Just keep in mind the weather and possible jacket wearing when planning costumes.

Little girls look adorable in fairy costumes.

Baby boys make cute monsters, especially popular since Monster's Inc./University.

Little toddlers always look so adorable in animal costumes, plus they are usually warm.

Here's an 'easy' homemade pumpkin costume that just looks cute and fun.

I really like this knight costume on this girl- she looks ready to slay some stuffed animal dragons.

This is an easy cute costume for Alice in Wonderland- a blue dress with a white apron.

For the last minute art lovers, Frida Kahlo. Wrap a shawl, put in flowers, and add facial hair, so funny.

You can always dress up your pet to match you or your child.

Or for an easy DIY Superman costume, put formal wear over pajamas.

This costume is really fun, and could probably be done fairly easily with a cardboard box and ski goggles.

Even before Pirates of the Carribean, being a pirate has always been a great choice.

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