Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Admitting Our Weaknesses

My insightful friend Stephanie Dickey regularly posts Facebook updates that stop me in my tracks. She graciously allowed me to share one on the blog that really had an effect on me.

Today, I was behind a car at a stoplight that had this handmade sign taped in the back window: "Clutch is going out. Slow at start and going up hills." And I thought, "Oh, that sucks for him. But I'm glad I know now what to expect." And when the light turned green and he started to inch toward the intersection at the speed of a turtle, I sent him some empathy instead of contempt.

And then I wondered....if we were all a little better at admitting our weaknesses instead of hiding them, would we also be a little kinder and more understanding toward each other because we can sympathize with their struggle? As a person who recently paid for a new transmission, I can certainly sympathize with Clutch Guy and cut him a little slack...

I think this may apply a lot to workplace politics as well as motherhood. Do we take on more than we can handle because we don't want to appear lacking in ____________? Do we fail to meet expectations because we are conditioned to show a brave face and are unwilling to admit when we may need help?

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