Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things I definitely did not need to cry about

I believe the first time I really, truly cried was the week I spent at the Mayo Clinic trying to figure out what was going on with my mess of a body. I was 21 years old. I rarely cried as a child and I had tough skin as a young adult. Turns out, once I hit "adulthood" my eyes decided it was okay to cry at everything.

Sofia Grace & Rosie meeting Nicki Minaj

I can watch this clip 30 times in a row and one tear will leave my eye the minute Sofia Grace starts squealing.   Also, I don't like kids. Can anyone explain this to me?  

Trevin Hunt's blind audition on The Voice

Eighteen? That's a joke right? When Xtina stands and points at him, I usually lose it. 

Any semi-emotional episode of Glee aka Santana moving to NYC

I had to stop watching Glee (and The Voice) during my lunch break because there was a 95% chance I would be sobbing for no reason. I watch it at home now with my husband who laughs his hardest whenever I cry during a scene such as this one.

Apple Product launches

Whenever Apple unveils a new product, I'm usually the last to know unless I'm "into technology" that month. But, when the new iMac was launched last year I had tears streaming down my face while I watched the live feed.  I honestly don't care what Apple does and I've never stood in line for any new product. I definitely updated my Facebook status to let everyone know I was crying and two of my family members contacted me to see if I was pregnant. (The answer was and still is no.)

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Lauren Donna said...

I was in a Zumba class the other morning and we started dancing to Ke$ha's song "Blow." Wept like a baby... Explain that to me.

We'll blame the endorphins.