Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Link Post!

So this definitely needs to be a thing now—the "girlfriend zone." In fact, it makes much more sense than the original phrase does, and I love it. Also, did you see the names they used in the example dialogue??? (But Ben would never do such a thing... I just want that out there.)

Something random and interesting for your weekend: the family tree of the Greek gods on Wikipedia. I'm sure I'm not the only one who went through a Greek mythology phase in junior high/high school, right? And I still think this stuff is really fun.

If chocolate truffles, maple souffle, peanut butter banana ice cream, lemon mousse, strawberry fudge, eggnog muffins, and the idea of using only two ingredients sound good to you, I have an article you should read

Last week I watched Black Swan, and I was kind of blown away by it, so for several days afterward I kept pulling up YouTube videos of Swan Lake. I actually watched the entire ballet one night, and then this scene—the Dance of the Little Swans—probably a dozen times more. This is the other theme from Swan Lake that everyone knows, and it is really beautiful.

And, finally, something for our Doctor Who fans: Because if you don't already know that they're going to put a real TARDIS into orbit, you probably want to.


Meg said...

How did I not know about the TARDIS satellite? ? That's the coolest idea ever!!

Miri said...

Yessssss, I was hoping you hadn't heard yet, Megan! :)