Friday, June 14, 2013

Finally Friday!

This week has been quite the week.  I am oh so happy to see it go.

In an effort to end this week on a happy note, here are some delightful links.

I'm kind of addicted to pillows.  Also, blankets.  It's a real obsession and I have to actively keep myself from buying more pillows.  And blankets.

I also am a big fan of bags that say things. Generally from TV shows and booksThe nerdier, the better.

Have you seen GeoGuessr yet?  Maybe it has only solidified my desire to travel and confirmed how utterly unfamiliar I am with most of the world, but it's still fun and there are points to earn!

And thanks to Miri, I now know this exists., which is basically like GoodReads for movies. Just my cup of tea.

Apparently, I am also into looking at photos of other people reading.  That sounds kind of creepy and stalker-like, but it's totally on the up and up because Jill is into it too.  I go for the Tumblr "Awesome People Reading" and she goes for "Underground New York."  Both are more interesting than you would think, I swear.  If I'm being totally honest (speaking for myself), maybe I hope to end up on a page like these one day.  Just randomly captured immersed in an awesome book.  Of course, with my luck, I would look like a hobo. 

Last, but certainly not least, this picture sends me into great fits of laughter every time I see it.  You are welcome.

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Miri said...

Lindsey, I've been obsessing over a blanket, too! Actually, a couple. Like this one. And
this one, and
this one. It's funny because I DON'T usually have an obsession with blankets; I just really want all three of these.