Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Friday!

Zach Sobiech's My Last Days video has been clogging up my news feed on Facebook the past couple days and when I finally followed the link I understood why. Zach passed away on May 20th, 2013 and this mini documentary shows how he spent his last days and how he said goodbye.

For some laughs for your Friday click HERE (best reaction ever). Also, visit the tumblr Reasons My Son is Crying. It's always good for a laugh, and totally relatable to anyone who has ever been around a child for more than a few hours. Finally, if you remember THIS blog we did a few weeks ago, and loved the Dove campaign as much as I did than you may love THIS parody.

I recently discovered a new author who publishes through Amazon. I've had my doubts about self published books, but Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon came so highly recommended I had to buy it and it did not disappoint. Amy is an incredibly gifted writer and storyteller. I also read A Different Blue, which takes place just outside of my home town, Las Vegas (you may have heard of it).  I loved it even more and I just had to share. If you like character driven novels with an interesting plot and beautiful love stories, check her out.

For those of us who have been counting down the days for the new season of Arrested Development, The wait is over this weekend.

Swimsuit season is coming up. Instead of killing yourself at the gym or denying yourself a reasonable treat now and again (cause we still have to be healthy, people) why not read THIS article about improving our self image....or maybe THIS one. Speaking of beauty, THIS post is a wonderful example of redefining beauty, written as sort of a love letter from a mother to her daughter. 

Finally, watch THIS video by Soul Pancake (the team that also brought us Zach's story). 

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