Monday, March 7, 2011

Television's Greatest Women?

Today I came across a list of TV's 25 Greatest Women, and I thought it would be a fun contribution to our celebration of women this month. 

To be honest, I am not a big TV-watcher, and I have never seen most of the shows on this list. I don't really know how to approach it, since I don't know most of the characters--are these the women who contributed the most to television? Who had the biggest audiences? Whose characters exemplify all the best qualities of women? What do you think?

If you don't see some of your favorites, check out the links to the rest of the list--this top 25 is just the final installment of a top 100. Like I said, I don't know most of the characters in this list, but these I do know (and love):

Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls57. Lorelai Gilmore
'Gilmore Girls' (2000-07) | Played By: Lauren Graham
She didn't focus on the challenges of being a single teen mom, and instead made sure daughter Rory's life was filled with love, laughter, a deep appreciation and knowledge of pop culture, and the assurance that Lorelai would always be there as her mom and her fast-talkin' BFF.

Liz Lemon 30 Rock14. Liz Lemon
'30 Rock' (2006-present) | Played By: Tina Fey
She's the heroine of every bespectacled, sweats-wearing, junk-food-noshing, boy-chasing, pop-culture-loving, smart-girl nerd everywhere.

Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy3. Lucy Ricardo
'I Love Lucy' (1951-60) | Played By: Lucille Ball
The meddling redhead couldn't stay out of trouble, but it was only because she wouldn't let anyone, even beloved hubby Ricky or BFF Ethel, keep her in the kitchen and out of the spotlight she craved to be in.

Who would be on your list?


Meg said...

At first I wasn't agreeing with this list, but they hit Buffy, Veronica Mars, CJ and Scully, so I feel okay about it. :) (I also agree with your list there - and I've also realized that I probably watch too much TV.)

Miri said...

I loved the description for Lucy: "she wouldn't let anyone... keep her in the kitchen and out of the spotlight she craved to be in." Let's be honest, that show is all kinds of sexist--but for the time period, Lucy Ricardo was as independent as can be. She had big dreams, a kooky ingenuity, and a completely indomitable optimism that makes it impossible not to love her.

Lin said...

First of all, I think it's kind of funny if you look at the whole pretty much covers everything. haha.

I liked a lot on the list, and, like Megan, it reminded me how much TV I actually watch. Liz Lemon, Buffy, Lorelai, and Veronica Mars are my favorites...and I completely agree with the number one, Mary Tyler Moore. I loved that show and I loved that character when I was growing up.

Kerrigan Byrne said...

I was thinking lorelai gilmore before I even opened the link. I wanna be like her when I grow up.