Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's gonna take patience and time...

Maybe I just wrote that title so you would all get this song stuck in your head:

I'm evil, but that's a good song so I don't feel too bad.

Now on to business.

Remember how I wrote about improvement? That's my theme of the year. I'm going to take what I have and I'm going to improve. But, you know what? That is going to require patience and time...two things I don't feel I have a lot of right now. Of course, improving on the time part is easy - I just have to "prioritize" and "make" time for the things I should be doing. That doesn't mean I want to do that. What I want to do is catch up on my Hulu and Netflix queues.

The patience part is what I'm really struggling with. How do you stay motivated when it seems to take so long to see results? This is with everything in my life right now...finances, work, dieting, my social life (or lack thereof), even in my relationships with friends and family. All those things that I want to improve on are some of the most difficult things to improve on because I am not a patient woman. I need feedback to keep me going! Validate me!

So, I reiterate my question and hope to get answers from you...How do YOU stay motivated when you really feel a little insane for even trying in the first place?


Gina said...

I have a similar problem with "prioritizing" and "making" time for the things I should be doing, but usually what ends up happening is total derailment.

I usually just step away from it all for a sec, do something I don't want to do- maybe like wash A dish, or just pace the apartment. Then I think of the benefits and how good it will feel when I finish. (Of course I'm mostly talking about homework, but for my website I try to think of how good and accomplished I will feel for finishing a post or updating a gallery.)

Miri said...

"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."
--Albert Einstein