Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Fun for Your Monday

Just some lovely links to start your week off. Enjoy!

Ever lose your phone when there's no one else around to help you find it? No one to call your number so you can follow the sound of the ring? Now you can use this site to call. Get on the good ol' internets, type in your number and resume your search.

Megan and I recently went on a hunt for punctuation jewelry. If you know any of us, you won't think that is odd, in fact you'll be just as excited as we were when we found this and this and this.

And just in case you were worried we weren't nerdy enough, check out Save the Words.

I posted a quote from this blog (kissssing) last week, but it's quickly becoming a new favorite blog so I'm sharing it again. I love the old photos of couples and the quotes and this photo had me laughing like a lunatic for longer than was needed.

Finally, there's this video. Mostly because it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Meg said...

I want to be those old people. Also - anyone has the potential to buy me gifts someday, listen up: I want a comma necklace. A lovely, silver reminder to take a breath. Any takers? :)

That is all.

Anonymous said...


That atrium was the first time I ever cried....


So I want the smiley face ring and the question mark ring. Do I not get that website or are they not selling them?

Lin said...

Can't buy them. It's a Finnish design company. I'm pretty sure if you could buy them, they'd be fairly expensive. haha. Sad, huh?


Yeah I found them. Starting at $120.