Monday, July 26, 2010

Lesson Learned: Lindsey Got Her Bottom Stuck in a Chair

It's time to kick things off with the writing contest! We will be posting our Lessons Learned this week to hopefully help inspire you to write your own. Ours will not be in the running for the prize (even though we love, love, LOVE Annie's posters). Remember, email us your entry by August 7th! Happy writing!

When I was five years old I got my bottom stuck in a chair.

I was watching Muppet Babies and sitting (read: climbing) on a wooden chair. I never listened when my mom told me to use the chair correctly, I always put the back of the chair on the floor and climbed in and out of the legs. Sometimes I used the legs as roads for Matchbox cars. On that day, though, I sat in the space between the bottom of the chair seat and the rung that went across the legs of the chair and my bottom just settled in.

I screamed and cried as I realized I was quite thoroughly stuck. Of course, my two older brothers were the first to find me. My mom came in next and was nice enough not to say "I told you so" as she tried to pull me out. I was buttered up while my brothers (and my mother) laughed at the ridiculous situation. The butter didn't work and my back was scraping against the chair. Soon, my mom announced that she would have to call our neighbor to come SAW ME OUT...with a SAW.

As I hugged my knees (which were hanging out by my shoulders) and cried, I realized that I would rather stay stuck in that chair forever than let anyone else know about it. Also, I didn't want a saw anywhere near me. I was a little nervous about being sawed out of a chair, but more embarrassed that my neighbor would be the one to do it. I mean, how does a phone call like that go?

"Hi Neighbor! Say, do you mind coming over with a saw and helping me free my youngest child from the nefarious clutches of our dining chair?"

"Why certainly! That's a totally normal thing for a neighbor to have to do. I'll be right over!"

Eventually, I was freed and patched up and I resumed my TV watching, feeling completely and totally embarrassed. It's still one of those stories that need only be mentioned and my whole family will laugh. My brothers never let me forget, because that's what brothers do, right? But, up until a few years ago, I never wanted anyone else to know about it, which is funny because I do completely embarrassing things ALL. THE. TIME.

So I guess I didn't really learn a lesson by getting my bottom stuck in a chair, but, in hindsight, I know that it was an important thing that happened to me. I think it was the first time I remember worrying about what other people thought of me. Not only worrying about what they thought of me but wanting to make a decision (to stay stuck in the chair) that would keep me from moving forward (getting unstuck) based solely on what they thought. It's silly to be so focused on what other people will think of you that you lose focus on things you want to do or adventures you could have.


Heidi said...

There are a lot of comments that I could make here, but, I will be kind. I can't believe that out of all of the Lindsey stories I never heard this one!

Miri said...

Hahaha, ohh Lindsey. How I love you. I have an image of you as a five year old in my head right now and I'm pretty sure you were adorable!

Also... good lesson. Good, great lesson.

Lin said...

Heidi - I was very serious when I said I didn't want anyone to ever know this story! I told my mom I wrote it out and posted it and she said, "But you swore all of us to secrecy!"

Miri - Thanks.