Monday, June 7, 2010

Guest Post: Being a Mother

Melissa has provided us with quite a few guest posts, and here is another great one. Enjoy!

The word “woman” is not a definition in itself. A woman can be classy, sophisticated, and timeless; however, a woman may also be gaudy, brash, and unrefined. Women may be funny, or humorless. We are each born with our own spirit which may drive us to be traditional or modern, passive or passionate. We have the choice to become the person we desire. Each woman has within them virtue and flaw mixed with personality: the recipe for character.

Similarly, the word “mother” is not a definition in itself. I used to worry about becoming a mother. I thought I was far off from my own mother. My mother is kind, generous, sweet, refined, gentle, and innocent. I’m just sassy. While our core beliefs remain intact, our personalities are very different. Part of me assumed that when I became a mother, the angelic virtue of my mother would be born in me.


For a long time I struggled because I couldn’t recognize the goodness of my mother in myself. Then, after months of guilt and reflection, I decided the best way to be Hannah’s mom was to embrace the fabulous person I am; to love her with all of my heart, care for her, and teach her, but be my own person and do it my way. So I am working simply on being the best mother I can be: Because I can either be a wonderful version of myself, or a poor version of someone else.

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