Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting to Know You

I'm officially stealing a post idea from Annie. Maybe we can count it as a quasi-guest post? Anyway, she blogged about the age old tradition of sharing one interesting thing about yourself on the first day of school. I have always hated such getting-to-know-you questions...I never know what to say. I always wondered if people just kept an answer to this question on standby; I certainly tried to do just that but was never successful. My life always seemed unbearably boring and chronically uninteresting. That's not really true, but when I was put on the spot like that I could only think of the most mundane details of my life. Not like Annie. Annie has a plethora of "one interesting thing"s to share about herself. Things like almost meeting Tom Cruise and references to a decade of orthodontia.

In an effort to provide you Lovely Readers with a truly interesting fact about myself, I sat and thought for far too long about this question. My one interesting thing is that I won second place in a diorama contest in elementary school by creating scenes from The Lorax in a shoebox. The lid was the grimy "after" scene and when you slid the lid up, it revealed the "before" scene with the Swammy Swans and Truffula Trees and brown Barbaloots in their Barbaloot suits. It was quite involved.

And now I am very curious how you might answer this question.

So. Tell me. What is one interesting thing about you?


Miri said...

I always hated those days too, and my answer was always that my mom is from Israel. Never mind that that isn't actually about me; it was definitely the most interesting thing about my life, and the only thing I could think of anyway.

What is something interesting about me now? Still not much... I suppose it is interesting that I have met a Nobel prize winner.

annie said...

one interesting thing about me is that i have about 30 throw pillows in my living room right now, haha. (to be sold...not all of them are mine...that would be insane, not interesting)


The one I always use since my mission is that I was held up at gunpoint and refused to give the guy my bag. We still do this little game in our Relief Society every once in awhile, since our ward is so transient.

Joanna said...

Yeah, get to know you things are never fun. My usual answer is either- I played violin in a rock band and recorded a CD or I've been skydiving. And Miri, that's kind of freaking awesome that you met a Nobel prize winner- I'd definitely use that one!

Melissa said...

Mine would have to be that I cannot leave a room untidy. I literally cannot leave a room in my house until I have picked up every thing on the floor and put it away including dishes, laundry, food, toys, etc. My home is very neat.

Miri said...

Melissa, I have that too. It's weird because I was never like that before, and I was actually ridiculously messy in high school--I'm talking a solid layer of clothes on the floor at all times. My mom is like you, though, so we were always butting heads about it. But in the last couple years I guess my inner neat-freak has started surfacing, and I am now basically obsessive-compulsive about the cleanliness of our apartment.