Thursday, May 20, 2010

Listen to Your Own Advice

Maybe you've noticed I've been preoccupied with change this week. I thought it was because there are some changes being made to this blog very soon (all very good changes, don't worry), but today I learned differently.

I have a difficult choice to make. I got a job offer. I wasn't surprised by the offer so much as the timing and my gut reaction to the offer. So now I have to decide what to do and it, quite frankly, scares the crap out of me. And yet I've been blogging to you this week about change. How change is good "if it is in the right direction." Not two days ago, I wrote this:

Personally, I really make an effort to be a more positive person and it's a tough thing. But, when all else fails, I look at the problem or the approaching change or even the lack of change when I know one is sorely needed and I tell myself that it's temporary. My entire life will not be defined by the events that happened during my 15th year or my 26th year. Change can be hard, but with the right attitude, it doesn't have to be.

I am not retracting anything I've said, just pointing out that things can change, usually when you don't expect them to and it is so very hard to remember your own advice. I knew I needed a change, I have even been hoping for an opportunity just like this one that has presented itself, and I'm still struggling. Shouldn't it be easy to accept the things I've been trying to attain? This should be the easiest decision ever, but it means that so many parts of my life will change. It's scary. I guess all I can do is try to make the choice that I think will make me happiest and hope that choice is taking me in the right direction.

So, trust yourselves, Lovely Readers. Listen to the advice you give others and maybe check to make sure it's not something you need to hear for yourself. Give yourself the credit you deserve and maybe I'll try to start doing the same thing.

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Meg said...

I'm always amazed at how many times the right thing for me to do for myself is the thing that I am most scared of and most reluctant to do. It's easy to tell someone else that they should embrace opportunities, but when it's your own life, it's rarely just a matter of making a change that will make every aspect of your life better. Changing the status quo is always going to come with some sacrifices (and it's about destroying the status quo, because the status is NOT quo) and the I think the hardest part of making a big, life-changing decision is deciding whether it's worth what you're giving up. And how do you make that decision when the status quo is in front of you and the change has so many unknowns? It's what makes life so exciting, but it also sucks. You just have to believe that you can make it work no matter what you do - and trust yourself. Good luck! :)