Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Might As Well Be Comfortable.

Have any of you seen this episode of Seinfeld?

Yeah. I'm pretty sure I think of this every single time I wear sweatpants or pajama bottoms outside of my house. Also, I'm confessing to the internets that I am a person who wears sweatpants or pajama bottoms outside of my house. At least now I make sure they match whatever shirt I'm wearing.

The thing is, I have felt like this a lot lately. Maybe it's the cold, rainy days or because I had a cold or whatever, the reason doesn't really matter. I've been wanting to lounge around. I wear yoga pants to work most of the week and I justify it by saying it's okay because I'm a nanny and yoga pants are so much easier, but it really is just a justification. I need to suck it up and wear real clothes.

The good part is that, outside of work, I have been ignoring my desire to lounge and have instead been going and doing things. I've been getting ready and going out and telling myself I look cute (even when I severely doubt my own judgment) and it's been fun. Crazy how that works, huh?

I guess I tend to let myself forget about the message I'm sending out to the world with my appearance. Wearing sweatpants is kind of like telling everyone you've given up on life...either that or you are just too stinking tired to worry about putting on a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. When you do put that time into how you look, though, it helps. People will be able to see how you feel about yourself and will treat you in kind.

Of course, this probably still won't keep me from wearing my yoga pants to work, but I'm okay with that.

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Lis said...

I think that sometimes you need to get up, take a shower, put on cute clothes, and look fabulous, and some other days you need to just wear your grubbies and lounge. The trick is finding a good balance- maybe 6 good days for 1 grubbies day?