Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Moments

I was browsing my blogs and came across this lovely post from Abbey Goes Design Scouting. It refers to this essay from Cooks Illustrated* called The Bliss List. The author makes a list of happiest moments.

I love this idea, especially on those down days. What better way to get a lift than to think back to your happiest moments? So here are a few of mine.

  • Christmas at my grandparents' house growing up. Everyone was there. Every couch, cot and bed was full. There was always a fire in the fireplace. There were three Christmas trees decorated for the holiday and a wreath on the front door filled with Tootsie Roll Pops.
  • I spent a summer living with my sister in northern Virginia in a tiny basement apartment. There was one room (I slept on the couch) and half a kitchen. It was awesome. One night in particular, my mom met us for dinner then came back to the apartment with us. She ended up staying the night (she slept on the arm chair) because we got drawn into a viewing of You've Got Mail. Nothing exciting happened, but it was just the three of us and I always love when it's just the three of us. Also, my mom started indirectly quoting The Godfather, which is amazing.
  • The wedding of my two friends, Jamie and Mike. The day was beautiful, we ate Subway and played Pictionary between the ceremony and the reception, and we danced till they kicked us out of the reception hall.
  • Becoming an aunt. Times six.
  • Playing Charades with Corynn. Her velociraptor impression makes me laugh just thinking about it.
  • Oddly enough, hanging out in a hammock on a porch by the water during someone else's vacation. I was there to nanny but I had an allergic reaction so I couldn't take the kids to the beach. While they were gone, I had free time. I spent all of it reading in that hammock and it was divine. Heaven on earth.

There are a few of my happiest memories. What are yours?

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