Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be Jolly

I tend to only think of the word jolly in terms of Saint Nicholas or the Green Giant and, in turn, vegetables and a tummy that shakes like a bowl full of jelly. Not being a fan of a tummy that reminds someone of jelly, being jolly isn't really something I think about.

Since I am a nerd, I looked up the definition of jolly at and Merriam-Webster. Happily enough, the British really make great use of the word jolly. Thank you the British! Jolly good job! But for our purposes today we are going with Merriam-Webster:
  • full of high spirits: joyous
  • given to conviviality*: jovial
  • expressing, suggesting, or inspiring gaiety: cheerful
  • extremely pleasant or agreeable: splendid
Aren't those lovely definitions? I think so.

Now here comes the meat and potatoes portion of our post (I guess all that up there would be the salad?). Be jolly all year long, folks. Carry your high spirits into January, on through Easter and right past Halloween. Be cheerful and splendid and joyous and, most importantly, be sincere. Being all of those other things without really, truly wanting to be just isn't worth it for anyone. Save some ding-dong ditching for May. Send some letters to friends (Yes. Write. With a pencil. Use the postal service. It's fun...sometimes.), or plan a Christmas in July party. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to be jolly. Make it a permanent part of your personality because, honestly, it can't hurt to be considered "extremely pleasant or agreeable."

And now for the dessert portion...because I'm a giver.

From a Google image search. Here.

*That would be "relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking and good company." I'm pretty sure that is my favorite definition ever.


Mikey said...

BAA HAHAHAAA. Man I laughed for quite some time at that diagram.

Lin said...

Finally! I think it's hilarious and I was beginning to doubt my sense of humor because no one said a thing. Haha.

Meg said...

I also loved this post and the diagram - I just read it in the middle of crazy projects and forgot to comment. But it was hilarious and you are awesome. The end.

Miki and Ed said...

Fantastic! LOL.