Monday, November 2, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Flaw and/or Trait?

This topic has been brought up once or twice so I thought I would try an experiment. I put the question out there (via Facebook) to be answered. It is a difficult question to answer and, truthfully, not something everyone really wants to think about, but we did get a few answers. I'm a little surprised at the similarities. Some things that were mentioned are things I deal with myself (blotchy cheeks) and some things are things I have noticed about my friends and things that I think are charming.

Here are a few answers:

Megan said, "I definitely have a freckle in my eye (just like the Postal Service song!) and I really like it. I especially love it when my nephews notice it and want to know why it's there and then think it's cool."

Two people mentioned naturally rosy cheeks because it saves time and money on make up (no blush).

Two people mentioned moles (beauty marks if they are on your face, tres chic), one under the eye and one on the corner of the mouth " it's almost being eaten. So whenever I'm eating chocolate or something brown, people tell me I have a little bit on my mouth. For some reason, I think this is hilarious instead of embarrassing."

One person mentioned her "half grin" and how happy she is her daughter inherited it. Also, her under eye circles (with the help of concealer), which we all know are almost impossible to appreciate so she deserves a pat on the back.

And Hayley mentioned in her guest post how she likes her vampire teeth.

Miri learned to love her curly hair, even though in Texas humidity it's more often frizzy than not, and her giant smile, which shows her top gums but has kind of become her trademark.

I have already mentioned that I like my crooked smile...I'll add my blotchy cheeks to the list and my easy to take care of, but sometimes unruly eyebrows. I guess I like my face! That's good, right?

That's me with my brother. Crooked smile (notice how my bottom lip goes down on the left? it gets much worse), no blush (and yet the cheeks are rosy), and happily untamed eyebrows.

I guess my point is that even if you didn't answer the question, it's an important one to think about. Embrace your quirks and take pride in the things about you that make you different...the things that make you beautiful.


Julie W said...

This is so funny; I love the embrace of the less desirable quality. But Lin, I also have unruly eyebrows and I tamed them! The trick: borrow your brother or father’s beard trimmer, or if you have hair clippers you can use those also. On my beard trimmer, I use the #3 setting, and buzz my eyebrows! The most common mistake women make is tweezing their eyebrows too narrow. The key is to keep the hair short, so they lay perfectly in line. If you are afraid of shaving off your eyebrow, get a sister or friend to use a comb and scissors to trim those bushy brows down. You will love the look. I do. (this tip was taught to me at an upscale expensive salon in L.A., not the Vietnamese salons in stripmalls.... the models know all the secrets!)

Lin said...

Haha. Thanks for the tip, Julie. The truth is, though, that I know the tricks, I just choose not to use them. I started with the excuse of having very sensitive eyes (I cry buckets when I yawn) but now I just tweeze those three or four rebel hairs that sneak down toward my eyelids and leave the rest up to nature. It's pure laziness and luck.