Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Afternoon Blog Business

Blog business isn't the most fun thing in the world, but it is necessary.

Mostly, this time around, I'm trying to get a feel of what you, our lovely readers, want from us. Due to recent festivities and mid terms and such, our posting hasn't been quite up to par (read: regular). With Thanksgiving and Christmas and spending time with our respective families approaching, I can only assume things will become more hectic and we would very much like to avoid any major lapses in posting as well as posting only frivolous things. We have a few ideas to work with, but I thought it would be nice to ask for your input. Is there anything YOU want to see on this blog? Anything in particular you, lovely readers, want to read more about?

Another item of business: buttons. We just want some general feedback. There is a poll on the right sidebar just waiting for you to participate.

So, if there has been anything on your mind concerning this blog, now is the time to (constructively and politely) let us know about it.

P.S. Thank you for reading and commenting! This blogject would not be progressing at all without you and we love you for it!


Gina Marie said...

Maybe you guys can do "filler" entries by giving a personal critique of an article of some kind you read in a magazine- like... I don't know. What mags do you guys read?

Part of the experience of reading blogs (at least for me) is to learn the author's take on the things in their environment - whether it is about being courteous, or about accepting your post-birth body, or even giving a personal interpretation of a magazine article that touched you in some way.

Just a thought. :)

Being Lovely said...

Great idea, Gina Marie! We have thought about that as far as books are concerned and we have mentioned a few media-related stories, but doing that more often would be interesting. Maybe I could also use it as an excuse to buy some magazines! haha.

Thanks for the input!


Being Lovely said...
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