Wednesday, October 21, 2009

National Love Your Body Day

Apparently it's National Love Your Body Day! Who knew? Here's what it's about:

For years now, advertisers and fashion magazines have airbrushed photos to turn models into the latest beauty ideal. Women and girls are constantly bombarded with these artificial images -- fantasies they can't possibly live up to in real life.
That's why the NOW Foundation is celebrating its 12th annual Love Your Body Day on Oct. 21. This campaign is a giant shout out to the fashion, beauty, diet and advertising industries: No more fake images! Show us real women, diverse women, strong women, bold women. And to the women and girls who are targeted by messages telling them that the key to success and happiness is manufactured beauty, we say: It's okay to "Be You" -- the true you is beautiful.

Check out the website, and remember--you're beautiful the way you are!


Lin said...

Someone asked me for the link to the official website - just in case that link isn't working, here is the URL:

Lin said...

Also, in an effort to live out this day, I'm letting you all know that my favorite part about myself is my hands...even though they are a lot more manly then my mom's and my sister's hands (they got nice, slender, girlie hands and I got my dad's thick knuckles, yay!). I've always been kind of vain about my hands though.

Anyone else have a favorite? Favorite quality, flaw, etc?

sarah said...

in similar news, a german women's magazine announced that it will now photograph only non-model women instead of models for its magazine. the sartorialist did a post about this but i can't find it any more. so here's a different article about it:

Lin said...

Sarah! You are so in tune with us! haha.