Thursday, October 1, 2009

Be Outrageous

Today I kind of attended a Mary Kay party. By kind of I mean that my sister and my mom were really the participants and I sat at the table making a tutu. I knew what makeup I needed so I wasn't too worried about doing the whole makeover thing. And then I got sucked in by all the samples.

The most enticing part of a Mary Kay party for me is the samples. You can try anything with no cost to you. You've been wanting to experiment with blue eye shadows? Then go right ahead! If it looks horrible you can wash it off and go about your normal routine, no harm no foul. There is the chance, though, that it could look amazing. You could be the new queen of blue eyeshadow and thanks to Mary Kay and her lovely samples, you have discovered a whole new personal trademark (at least until the next discovery).

Well, I have spent the last year or so trying to find the perfect blue eyeshadow - one that did not make me look like I was 15 and living in the 80s - and, thankfully, a few months ago I accomplished that mission. Today I was overcome with the desire for red lipstick. It's kind of in right now and with my dark hair and fair complexion, I'm told I should be able to pull it off. My main hurdle was that I don't like lipstick. My lips are usually completely bare and if I do put something on them it's Burt's Bees or Victoria Secret clear lip plumper (for those special occasions!). The smell, the taste, the feel of lipstick has always turned me off. So I went my normal route and started trying on lipgloss until I found one I was happy with (melon), but that red lipstick was still staring me down! "Try me on," it shouted, "you will be happy you did!" So I obliged and on went the red lipstick (and I even went a step further and put that gloss over top for some truly amazing lips).

And then I bought the red lipstick. I felt like a completely different person....the kind of person who wears Red Salsa lipstick, the kind of person who does so proudly. So I say go and find something new and outrageous. Play with your look and experiment with new things because you never know unless you try.


laurenthequeen said...

And it was catching... I bought one too. It was a different red and gloss combo, but had a similar effect. I can't wait to get it and maybe make Wil take me out somewhere fun when I do.

Annie said...

i so want to be the kind of girl who wears red lipstick! but after seeing my wedding pictures with some on, i'll never go there again. i totally can't pull it off...i look like a clown hooker or something.

Miri said...

Annie, I bet you just need a different shade! You look like the kind of girl who'd look amazing with the right red lipstick.

Lin said...

Also, Annie can wear chartreuse (sp?) clothing and look beautiful and I can't wear any shade of yellow or orange or most greens without looking like I'm dying. I desperately want to wear some of those colors and I try and try and try and my skin just will not cooperate.

My point is that it's not just about lipstick. Annie's red lipstick is a chartreuse sweater and a bleach blonde pixie cut.

Miri's red lipstick is a big ol' pair of hoop earrings.

Annie said...

lin, that's a lovely way to think of it.

Janssen said...

Must try out some red lipstick!