Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Our Guest

Sorry to start the week off with a little blog business, but I think you will all enjoy this bit of information.

Remember our guest posts? Remember how much fun it is to hear from people other than Megan, Miri and me all the time? Remember how you are dying to write a post and submit it to this blog?

Well, my dear readers, don't be shy! We have heard from several people who want to write a guest post, but I also know there are many of you out there who don't want to invite themselves to the party (so to speak). Consider this your invitation. One of the most important things about this blog is hearing from everyone, all women, all ages. We want to read about your experiences. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you feel inspired to share, please do! Of course, there will be editing, but usually just grammar and spelling and such.

So here is the process. Whenever you feel so inspired, write a post in an email and send it to us (beinglovelyblog at gmail dot com). If you forget that email address, just look on our left hand side bar, it's there. Try to include a little bio (six-ish lines) so we know what type of information you would like to share about yourself and send us a picture. If one of us knows you and would have access to a photo and/or could write your bio then, by all means, trust us to take care of that part. Personally, I'm a control freak and pretty picky about my photos. If you don't have a particular topic you would like to write about, but would still like to contribute, please email us and let us know. If we need some input, we will contact you with a topic.

See how simple it is? Get writing, ladies! We can't wait to hear from you!

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